Auriemma: "Spalletti-Napoli, I tell you the whole truth. Too many players lined up out of position"


Raffaele Auriemma, journalist, spoke to Radio Sportiva about the moment that he is going through the club led by Aurelio De Laurentiis.

The reporter from Radio Mars and of TuttoSport, Raffaele Auriemma, issued some statements to Sports Radio. Here is what the website of the issuing note reports: "The president had announced thunders and lightning, but in the end he came out with an insignificant statement, which does not mean anything. The team must go to retreat, even if the method is considered anachronistic, in this the team was wrong. De Laurentiis, in my opinion, would like Ancelotti to leave, the coach is the easiest element to blame, and after confronting his legates, he realized that if he sent Ancelotti away he would have to shell out a lot of money. to resign, which I do not believe will happen ".

ON ANCELOTTI: "A technician of his lineage, can the company be forced to withdraw? Did he not go to the press conference and did not even appear before the UEFA cameras. The situation was not resolved when it was possible, the original sin is the assumption by Ancelotti. De Laurentiis is regretful of this choice, the coach has given nothing to Napoli, Sarri is first, while Napoli has slipped to the top. many players lined up out of position when the best choice would have been to continue with 4-3-3 ".

ON SPALLETTI AT NAPLES: "Someone called him to ask him he would be willing to come. The problem is that Spalletti costs a lot and at the same time you should also pay the salary to Ancelotti."

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