Auriemma on Tuttosport: "ADL will ask the discipline college for the" maximum penalty "for its players: the team's counter-move"


Auriemma on Tuttosport: ADL will ask the discipline college for the "maximum penalty" for its players: the team's counter-move

Auriemma on Tuttosport

Latest Calcio Napoli – Raffaele Auriemma on the pages of Tuttosport tells this feud now open between the president De Laurentiis and the legal team:

"A real feud broke out between the president and the team. Heavy and apparently landlocked, a duel rusticate the last stamped paper that people don't like, the simple fans who booed footballers on the Fuorigrotta field on Thursday and the ultras who have addressed them to the chorus of "mercenaries". The patron comes from afar the echoes of a popular protest that gives him even more strength to travel the judicial path he has decided to take and from which he will not turn back. governing body the "maximum penalty" for its players, not only 5 per cent on salary, but even the reduction of the engagement up to 25 per cent, as foreseen by the collective agreement. square and is ready to respond, in the field and in the sports courts, having alongside not only their respective lawyers, but the entire players' union ".

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