Audi, two world premieres to scream in Los Angeles


Los Angeles Auto Show 2019, Audi comes with two exceptional world premieres and continues to show its strides in regards to the electrification and also the updating of its models with traditional motorization.

At the long-awaited event we will see the Casa dei Quattro Anelli presenting the standard version of Audi e-Tron Sportback, the electric coupe suv that arrives after the big brother e-Tron and that is able to integrate the performance and sustainability of a completely electric car with the elegance of a Gran Turismo. The absolute novelty of this car is the Digital Matrix headlights, which allow street lighting with a level of precision never seen before, possible thanks to a million micro-mirrors present in the projectors.

The powertrain of the new suv electric coupe it is the same as the previous Audi e-Tron and will be built inside the carbon neutral plant in Brussels. The car will be unveiled in all its glory for the first time in the world on the eve of the Los Angeles Motor Show, so starting from 18.00 on 19 November (which in Europe will be 3 am on November 20th). The reveal can be followed through the Audi Media TV channels and the social media of the House, even at a later date.

The other great world preview of the Four Rings that we all await comes instead from specialists from the Audi Sport GmbH sub-fund, we are talking about the suv RS Q8, the top of the range of the Q family. It is a car chosen and created to integrate very high efficiency in a single vehicle to the breathtaking performance of a V8 biturbo with MEV technology (mild-hybrid). Thanks to Audi's new solution, which includes a belt-driven alternator-starter connected to the crankshaft as the heart of the system, up to 12 kW of power can be recovered during braking and deceleration.

The car is able to recover energy or travel by inertia, even with the engine off, for a maximum of 40 seconds depending on the chosen driving style or the program selected thanks to the driving dynamics control system Audi Drive Select, when the driver of the new RS Q8 releases the accelerator pedal in an inclusive speed range between 55 and 160 km / h. Only a few days left and we'll see the two world premieres in Los Angeles.

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