Audi has chosen the new CEO


COMES FROM THE BMW – Starting from the first of April next year Markus Duesmann (in the picture) will be the new ceo dell 'Audi. Duesmann will take the place of Bram Schot who was appointed interim in 2018, immediately after Rupert Stadler's arrest for the Dieselgate scandal. 50 years old, mechanical engineer, Duesmann has been in the automotive sector for thirty years and his current job is as a member of the board of directors for BMW purchases. According to the statement released by Audi, Duesmann will leave the BMW group at the end of March 2019 on the basis of a mutual agreement.

A NON-EASY TASK – The German manager will also be a member of the Volkswagen Group's board of directors for research and development, so he is in the ideal position to relaunch Audi after the difficult period following Stadler's arrest. The home of Ingolstandt, which within the Volkswagen Group has always been the "forge" of the most advanced technologies, must take the reins of this leadership and continue in the process of inevitable change for all car manufacturers, that transformation into car manufacturers and service providers that need huge economic and human resources.

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