Attack on Italian soldiers in Iraq, three are serious: the terror lived 13 years ago in Nassiriya returns


Explosive attack against a convoy of Italian soldiers in Iraq: five wounded, three of them in serious condition, but what is learned should not be life threatening. Further news is expected, but the 13 years ago terror returns to be more alive than ever.

The attack, reports the Defense Staff, took place in the morning when an IED, a rudimentary explosive device, detonated the passage of a mixed team of Italian special forces in Iraq. The team was carrying out training activities ("Mentoring and training") In favor of the Iraqi security forces engaged in the fight against ISIS. The five soldiers involved in the explosion were immediately rescued, evacuated with US helicopters belonging to the coalition and transported to a hospital "Role 3"Where they are receiving the appropriate care. Three of the five soldiers are in serious condition, but their lives would not be in danger. Military families have been informed. Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini, "was promptly made aware of the attack by the Chief of Staff of Defense, General Enzo Vecciarelli, and follows with attention – is underlined – the evolution of the situation". Obviously, before making known the news, the families of the military involved were informed about the conditions of their relatives.

On the basis of what was reported by the news agencies, the wounded soldiers reported serious injuries to the lower limbs. They say this to the Adnkronos qualified sources, according to whom one of them would have needed theamputation of a part of the leg.

Iraq, attack on Italian soldiers: the Rome public prosecutor investigates

Attack with terrorist aims and very serious injuries. These are the crimes for which the Rome Public Prosecutor opened an investigation into the bombing that took place in Iraq in the morning and led to the wounding of five Italian soldiers. According to what has been learned, the investigations on the spot will be followed by the Ros of the carabinieri. The investigations are coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Francesco Caporale and by the prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco.

Two Col Moschin of the Army and 3 Comsubin of the Navy

The five Italian soldiers who were wounded today in the explosion of a bomb near Kirkuk belong to the Special Forces. In particular, the Adnkronos learns, two of the wounded are members of the 9th Col Moschin Army regiment and three belong to the operating group Comsubin of the Navy.

13 years ago the attack in Nassiriya

In Nassiriya, in Iraq, it was 10:40 local time, in Italy 8:40. It was only a few seconds before one of the most sadly memorable massacres in Italian contemporary history and beyond. Carabinieri and military personnel stationed at the "Maestrale" base had already begun at full speed another day in Iraq, the operational theater of the Ancient Babylon mission, authorized just that year, which had the sole purpose of contributing to the rebirth of the Iraq, fostering the security of the Iraqi people and the development of the nation.

The military, therefore, was preparing to start a new day during which, probably, the main activities that they would carry out would have been those of reconstruction, of aid to the population, above all as regards the supply of food and water, of maintenance public order and, no less important, training of the new local police, free from corruption and servility towards the Iraqi dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein. Activities that should have been carried out, but they could not even begin. A tank truck full of explosives, in fact, driven by 2 suicide bombers, burst in front of the Italian military base. The budget was devastating: 28 dead, including 19 Italians, and 58 wounded. Subsequent investigations established that the tank truck contained between 150 and 300 kg of TNT mixed with flammable liquid. A quantity of explosive mixture capable of making a real massacre, and so it was.

We have always wondered if something could be done to avoid it. Before answering this question there is an important detail to keep in mind: the leaders of the "Maestrale" base have always firmly maintained that there were no reasons for concern, because the local population was absolutely not hostile towards the Italian military , considered an indispensable aid to raise the country's fortunes, and also local extremists were carefully controlled. To confirm this last hypothesis, the fact that all the tracks open to understand who organized the attack refer to characters outside the area in question; among these, the most accredited, is the one involving a Lebanese terrorist cell affiliated with al-Qeida.

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