Atp Finals Berrettini-Djokovic, the match live


5-1 The Serb recovered immediately, Berrettini recovered from 0-30 and held the service. But in the end Nole still rips off the service with a pair of monstrous straight on the line.

4-1 Djokovic's first double foul. A moment's hesitation for today's infallible computer. He even gets angry at the first break ball offered to the opponent and also jams backhand in the next shot. Game a Berrettini, a breath of oxygen.

4-0 Novak relentless and does not give the opponent an inch. Berrettini breathes a little with an ace. But just a moment because Nole takes the eighth consecutive game and the fourth break in a row.

3-0 Fourth ace for Nole who is playing a perfect game. Berrettini puts his heart into it but it's not enough. Seventh consecutive game won by the Serbian.

2-0 Bravo Matteo, closes with a backward smash after a prolonged and intense exchange. But the numbers of Djokovic are impressive, short ball phenomenal, the Serbian takes everything back and wins another game. Double foul by Berrettini, another break for the Serbian, third in a row.

1-0 for Djokovic. The second set begins. It serves the n2 of the world. And leave Berrettini back to zero. Go Matteo shout at him from the 02 Arena. The Roman is tense, excited. And play against a robot version of Nole.

6-2.Nole has taken the countermeasures at Berrettini's service, another break. Heavy. The Serbian flies to 6-2, leaving the Italian to zero. The first set lasted 29 minutes.

5-2 Djokovic not infallible on the service, misses several firsts. Berrettini does not take advantage of it. Nole takes off.

4-2 for Djokovic: Nole strong side, Berrettini responds great with a great backhand recovery. But it is not enough because Nole tears the service with experience and class. Forcing the Italian to make mistakes.

3-2 Djokovic continues to push on the service, Berrettini suffers in exchanges and misses too much. Third ace also for Nole.

2-2 Field change,Berrettini starts with another ace. Then a bad backhand mistake. But he immediately forgives himself by inserting the third ace of the match. The service works well, 79% of the first balls inside: you take the game and draw the score.

2-1 for Djokovic, the Serb errs little in the service. He yields only one point in the third game.

Service at Berrettini, but the uphill start. Then find an ace, the first point of the game so far. And the second comes with a powerful forehand that forces Djokovic to make the mistake. Another beat at over 220 times, from the stands comes the incitement of the Italians present: Forza Matteo !. It goes on1-1

First game: serve Djokovic. The Serb immediately starts strong, leaving his opponent to zero: 1-0 for Novak. Too many mistakes for the blue on the cement of the 02 Arena.

Atp Finals are starting in London, debut for Matteo Berrettini against Novak Djokovic: the Roman tennis player, n 8 in the world, comes from an incredible season: at the beginning of the year he was in the 53rd place of the Atp ranking.

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