Atp Finals, Berrettini can do nothing: Djokovic dominates and wins in two sets | News


Debut to forget for Matteo Berrettini to Atp Finals from London. Blue falls against a Novak Djokovic in an extra luxury version that brings home the match in just 63 minutes with the final score of 6-2 6-1. The Serbian between first and second set slides eight consecutively won games that destroy the morale of Berrettini, never able to put Nole in difficulty that instead shows a sparkling tennis.

The emotion cannot be missed by Matteo Berrettini, the world premiere in the Atp Finals elite context. If on the other hand there is a Novak Djokovic who does not concede anything and crushes Berrettini exchange after exchange with his solid, variegated and absolute class tennis, the task for the blue becomes practically impossible. First set hanging towards the Serbian in the sixth game, when Djokovic unleashes a mysterious defense from the baseline, Berrettini unloads the right into the net and slips back a break at 4-2. Then come three set points for the Serbian who wins the first partial thanks to another straight blue that does not overtake the ribbon. It ends 6-2 for Djokovic thanks to four games in a row brought home by the Serbian. Berrettini tries to shake himself at the start of the second set with two great points, obtained after a series of strokes at the limit, the only way to try to crack Djokovic's solidity.

The Serbian, however, is lethal in response, another break point in the second game brought about thanks to a bloody double foul by the Italian. Yet another break ball for Djokovic, with Berrettini turning disconsolately towards his corner: too much high-level variety from the other side to set a clear and definite strategy and try to respond. Djokovic also at vocal level accentuates his superiority in the match, advancing by force on 4-0, before a rare free error, with an angry reaction, and a backhand that gives the first game to Berrettini of the second set. Break immediately returned from another impressive game by Djokovic that finally closes the 6-1 issue with the forehand going down to the net in just 63 minutes.

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