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From Sunday the best tennis players in the world will meet at the O2 Arena in London to play the title of Maestro: among them also the Italian Matteo Berrettini. Here is everything you need to know about the last tournament of the season. The ATP Finals live exclusively on Sky Sport from 10 to 17 November
London is ready to welcome the best eight tennis players of 2019, who play the title of Maestro in the ATP Finals (exclusive Sky Sport exclusive). In the field the strongest players on the planet, who in a week will close the ATP season with the most exciting tournament of the year: for the first time in 41 years there will also be an Italian player, Matteo Berrettini.

When do ATP Finals play?

The tournament kicks off on Sunday 10 November, to end exactly one week later, Sunday 17, when the final will be played. It is played at the O2 Arena in London, a 20,000-person facility that hosts the event for the 11th and second last time, as the tournament will move to Turin from 2021. Two sessions are scheduled, at 3pm and 9pm Italian time. The final is scheduled for 7 pm Italian time. At the start the 8 players qualified to Race to London, who will compete for the last tournament of the season, which is played on fast indoor.

What is the formula and calendar for ATP Finals?

It is played with the formula of two Italian rounds and with the round robin. The best two of each group qualify for the semi-finals, where they will challenge the opponent of the other group to cross (1st Agassi vs 2nd Borg, 1st Borg vs 2nd Agassi). Rafa Nadal, the new number 1 in the world, has been included in the Agassi group with Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Daniil Medvedev, while Novak Djokovic is in the Borg group together with Roger Federer, Dominic Thiem is Matteo Berrettini. Just the blue will be in the field already Sunday afternoon on the first day, when he will challenge Nole. Berrettini will therefore play the other two games (schedule and times to be defined) on Tuesday and Thursday.

Where can I watch the ATP Finals?

The tournament is live exclusively and in High Definition on Sky Sports HD. Subscribers who are in possession of the package that includes Sky Go they can also watch matches on their mobile devices. Who does not have a subscription can follow the tournament on site and on the App with lots of exclusive content: insights, live blogs, results and videos. News and images every day also on Sky Sport 24 with dedicated studies and news from correspondents in London.

Who won the ATP Finals several times?

The title holder is Alexander Zverev. The record of victories belongs to Roger Federer: the Swiss, at the 17th participation, has imposed itself on six occasions, the last of which, however, is dated 2011. At five affirmations we find Novak Djokovic, of which four are consecutive between 2012 and 2015: a number of triumphs that the appears in second place behind RF like Lendl and Sampras.

How many points is winning the ATP Finals up for grabs?

The victory of the London Masters final is up for grabs 1500 points for the ATP classification, in practice a middle ground between a Masters (1000) and a Slam (2000). Rafa Nadal defends the first position from the attack of Novak Djokovic, just 640 points distant: the Serbian will try the controsorpasso to close the year for the sixth time in his career.

What is the ATP Finals prize pool?

The prize pool for the winner of the final amounts to $ 1,354,000. In the case of an immaculate route, with three successes in the round robin and final triumph, the lucky will take home the beauty of 2.871.000 dollars. Participation in the Masters alone is worth $ 215,000.

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