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Alex Schwarzer, who retired in 2016 following the controversial disqualification of 8 years for recidivism in doping, has decided to resume preparation for the materialization of "serious indications on the manipulation of positivity". His trainer announced it, Sandro Donati: "Alex is innocent and gets together to communicate to everyone that he is naturally strong, to keep a hope of returning to the races, he does not intend to provoke anyone".

The 34 pages of the order of the Judge for the preliminary investigations of Bolzano, Walter Pelino, made known on October 17 and in which the word "manipulation" appears several times have given hope to Schwazer, who has decided to return to training at almost 35 years. The dream is to compete in Tokyo 2020.

"As is known, in the probative incident pending before the Criminal Court of Bolzano, GIP Dott. Walter Pelino – Donati's statement reads – is materializing the serious clues to the manipulation of the positivity of Alex Schwazer, with clear documentary and expert evidence ". The concept is clear and strong: "Alex Schwazer is totally innocent and WADA and IAAF should work to help the Judiciary identify the responsibilities of the alleged tampering of its urine on 1 January 2016".

The hope of Schwazer and Donati is not to prolong the wait excessively with the risk of having to skip the Japanese Olympics after having been excluded from Rio 2016: “We hope for wisdom and a sense of responsibility on the part of those who now direct the aforementioned institutions, so that the chain of ugly and seriously unlawful events is broken, realizing that Schwazer has already been unjustly prevented from participating in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, where he would have had clear chances of winning medals and that the institutions concerned they would assume an even greater responsibility if their behavior led to preventing Alex from participating in the Tokyo Olympic Games. To get out of the nightmare of these years spent defending against an absurd and absolutely groundless accusation of doping, to regain possession of his talent, to communicate to everyone that he is naturally strong, to keep a hope alive, Alex Schwazer decided to return to training for the march. Going back to training to hope to return to the races, Schwazer does not intend to provoke anyone, but only to reaffirm and give substance to his innocence and his hope that sports managers more conscientious than those who have managed this affair so far, know how to work to put an end to the actions infamous, with whom a positivity was first built and then an attempt was made in every way to continue to obstruct the investigation and the preliminary investigation into facts, behaviors and circumstances that were seriously compromising, without respect, not only to Schwazer, but also to the Judiciary".

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Case Schwazer, check the word 'manipulation': the malicious track is credible athletics
Case Schwazer, check the word 'manipulation': the malicious track is credible

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