Atalanta-Manchester City: Pasalic responds to Sterling. Now we need a business


MILAN – The hope of Atalanta to continue her dream in the Champions League hangs by a thread. At San Siro a great Goddess puts Manchester City in crisis and pulls a 1-1 (first historic point in the Champions League) that keeps her alive (3-2 of Dinamo Zagreb at Shakhtar on the other side). The advantage of Sterling does not break down the Gasperini team he holds, plays better in the second half and finds the same with Pasalic. It weighs the error from Gabriel Jesus' spot which could have killed the race. The last minutes are incredible: the Bravo goalkeeper is sent off and Guardiola, who had already replaced Ederson, is forced to put a fullback, Walker, between the posts. The Citizens resist even in ten and the 1-1 does not change. Atalanta is now at 1 point, Shakhtar at 4, Dinamo at 7 and City at 10 with two days still to play. If the Goddess wins both, she could still hope for the next round that remains really complicated.

The match report from Atalanta-Mancester City

Calendar and Champions League results

The choices of Gasperini and Guardiola

Two weeks after the 5-1 of the Etihad, Atalanta tries again at San Siro in front of 30 thousand Nerazzurri fans arrived in Milan. Gasperini he does not have Zapata yet and he is out of Gosens, in front Ilicic plays as "false" first point with Gomez and Pasalic in support. On the outside space to Hateboer and Chestnuts. The City of Guardiola with the trident Mahrez-Gabriel Jesus-Sterling and De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva high quality midfielder.

Unlock Sterling, Gabriel Jesus missed the penalty

The time to try a cross that Hateboer shoots flat on the outside of the net, which the Goddess is already under: a flash of Sterling closes in the door on 7 'a splendid triangulation with Bernardo Silva and Gabriel Jesus bringing the City ahead 1-0. Uphill game for Atalanta that struggles to contain the inspiration of the Citizens, good in the short phrasing with which they reach the area. Djimsiti is forced to use strong manners and is warned, Gundogan shoots high and Gollini saves on Mahrez with a great dive. At 43 'Manchester could double with Gabriel Jesus on strictness (Ilicic handball) but the Brazilian kicks badly pulling out and gracing the Goddess.

Pasalic draws and a goal-back goes to the City

The first change of the second half is by Guardiola, forced to raise the Ederson goalkeeper for a physical problem, in his place Good boy. But the first lunge is of Atalanta and it is deadly: a cue from Gomez on the left, crossbar calibrated for the insertion of Pasalic which is 1-1. The men of Gasp make the City, in the sense that they hold the ball and the high rhythms crushing the guests and creating again: Djimsiti touches the overtaking of head. Guardiola moves the pawns and calls the Kun from the bench Aguero, in for Gabriel Jesus. At 81 'the imbucata of Gomez for Ilicic sends the Slovenian in the door but is landed by Bravo: free kick and red for Bravo. Guardiola, who has already replaced Ederson, no longer has goalkeepers and plays the last minutes with Walker (entered for Mahrez), a full-back, between the posts. Resounding. Malinovskyi, which the Gasp has inserted for Freuler, tests the skills as a goalkeeper for Walker who takes two steps. The last 7 minutes of recovery are full of adrenaline, but the result does not change.

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