Atalanta, Gasperini: "Zapata does not recover, Malinovskyi ko Thursday"


Atalanta, Gasperini:

Gian Piero Gasperini, technician of theAtalanta, spoke at the press conference before the match against Sampdoria: "In the meantime it was important for the players to have made a valuable match in the Champions League, in my opinion it was already with Shakhtar. There was weight on the team to play in Europe, it is clear that when you get a result you also have a bit "Of regret for how the match ended against a strong team like the City. There is satisfaction, for many guys it was a consecration. Even for the defenders, they have made a valuable performance. They are situations that give depth and value, then in the league you have to be good at coming back immediately in the climate. We come from a defeat against Cagliari that has stopped the momentum, now we go to Genoa with Samp. The ranking must not deceive us, last year they did well. game in a difficult stadium, we must quickly return to the mentality of the championship: it is clear that it is the seventh game in three weeks, it would be an excellent time if we could finish with a good result ".

Now can we say blessed stop?
"Yes, we come from challenging matches. They have all been hard fought matches, we have some problems with them. For seven games we had no Zapata, the player in the best condition. On this occasion I am happy that the head is coming, it's important".

Is there any training problem?
"Malinovskyi stopped on Thursday. Remo came out the last few minutes with the City, let's see today. Gosens mainly has sciatica, Ilicic is disqualified and Zapata stopped him a little otherwise we risk having relapses. He's still struggling, he's still not right. He had no relapses, but he has not yet recovered ".

What are the biggest pitfalls against Sampdoria?
"The difficulties are the ones I said before, it's an undervalued team. You see every game, playing against any team has some difficulties. If Samp is there, it has some problems, but it's also trying to solve it. The games are all delicate and we have to recover, we leave a game that gave us enthusiasm, it will be a difficult game for both of us, and without Malinovskyi we lose a lot of offensive potential, but we have made up for it many times. numerical difficulty ".

Pasalic is the man of the greatest matches.
"It's not just for the big games. It has a good roadmap, but already from last year's round. It also makes excellent goals, it also has insertion capacity. It has characteristics similar to Cristante and Kurtic, it comes well in the area. clear that this team needs a filter, when it is well in the midfield it also benefits the defense. For me it is a crucial point ".

Does Wednesday's positive result give you confidence?
"Yes, I pretend to cry a little, but we go to Genoa with all the ambitions. We know the difficulties, but when we get there the eleven in the field will be adequate ".

"He is a great player. But we are like cooks: sometimes you ask for salt and they give you sugar. It doesn't mean that sugar is bad, but you need more. If you can do something with what you need, it's better ".

Zapata risks Juve?
"A month has passed since the injury, not so much. There have been moments that we hoped to have available for Manchester. It's a way to make him heal, at the moment he's not well. If you can't kick or shoot … we hope that recoveries, two weeks are a lot of time. We hope to have it against Juventus ".

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