Atalanta, DG Marino complains: 'Ferrari from red, enough episodes! No day's referee should be helped '| First page


Umberto Marine, general manager of theAtalanta, talked to the microphones of Sky at the end of the match drawn against Sampdoria: "Ferrari's foul on Barrow? It was obvious a red foul. Last man and our striker was thrown towards the door. We came to Genoa in the right spirit, trying to make the game. "We have always tried to bring the result home, unfortunately there are episodes that weigh and accumulate with others. This is unfortunate. Unfortunately there are days when footballers go wrong and they can also happen to other players in the games. The referee? They must help him." assistant is on the line, he didn't go for a walk. The missed red was decisive and obvious. Short of breath? I disagree. "

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