At the Ridotto of the Goldoni Theater in Bagnacavallo the photo exhibition Claudio Salvini is inaugurated


They conclude Saturday 16 November at 5 pm at the Ridotto of the Goldoni Theater of Bagnacavallo with the presentation of the Fototec project @ the Heritage Days, promoted by the Municipality of Bagnacavallo to illustrate new paths of promotion and enhancement of the book, artistic and iconographic heritage of the city.

Patrizia Carroli, archivist of the Taroni Library and curator of the project, will present the Fototec @ database and portal, created with the contribution of Ibc Emilia-Romagna as part of the 2018 Library Plan. On the occasion of the presentation, the photo exhibition will be inaugurated Claudio Salvini: a multifaceted look, dedicated to the Lombard photojournalist who died prematurely in 1984 whose archive was acquired in the first core of Fototec @. The Culture Councilor Monica Poletti will intervene.

The Fototec @ project, initiated by the municipal administration in 2014 with the homonymous exhibition set up in the spaces of the former convent of San Francesco, after many years of presentation through exhibitions and dedicated moments, finds with the establishment of the database and the presentation of the its portal is a conclusive piece that at the same time wants to be the starting point of the institution of a city photo library that acts as a collector and descriptor of the photographic heritage present in the city both in public and private collections.

An important core of Fototec @ is the one related to the archive of the photographer Claudio Salvini to which a focus will be devoted to the exhibition Claudio Salvini: a multi-faceted look that partly reflects both the consistency of the photographic materials in his archive, and his work as a photojournalist and a photographer who is attentive to the experiments in the language of photography. The exhibition was curated by Roberto Torricelli, Salvatore Grillo, Giampaolo Ossani, Alberto Cantagalli and Raffaele Scialdone, friends of Claudio Salvini and photographic operators, who, in addition to having contributed to the digital acquisition of materials, set up an exhibition that returns the enormous and versatile work of the Lughese photographer.

The exhibition can be visited at the Ridoni del Goldoni until 6 January, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 12 and from 15 to 18.

Born in Vigevano in 1950, Claudio Salvini moved with his family to Lugo in 1964. After completing his high school studies, he enrolled in the Faculty of Political Science in Florence. From the initial idea of ​​devoting himself to journalism, Salvini continues by choosing photography as his language, the language from which he acquired the instruments from 1970 in Milan, coming into contact with professionals in the photographic and reportage world. Back in Romagna he devoted himself to industrial photography and in parallel with travel reports. His career came to fame in 1980 with the reportage La forza della ragione. Moments of life and struggle of the Palestinian people, dedicated to life in the camps in Lebanon, which was exhibited in various Italian cities. Important in his production are the experiments on the Polaroid materaile and the continuous elaboration of a different expressive research. Salvini lost his life in an accident at sea in September 1984.

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