At the presidency of the national team there will be a green one


A representative of the Greens will occupy the position of president of the National Council in 2022. This is what the group leaders in Parliament of the different parties decided yesterday. Next year, Marina Carobbio (PS / TI) will pass the baton to Isabelle Moret (PLR / VD), while in 2021 it will be up to a UDC.

For a century now, the presidency is usually given in rotation to the four main political formations: UDC, PS, PLR and PPD. The popular democrats will therefore miss the turn, said the socialist leader Roger Nordmann (VD), confirming the news that appeared today on Schweiz am Wochenende.

The choice does nothing but follow the regulation according to which, after each election, the strength of the various parties must be taken into account. At the National, the ecological group has become the fourth, surpassing that of the PLR. The UDC remains in the lead, ahead of the PS and the PPD-PBD-PEV center trio.

The Greens will still have to wait until 2022, as according to the practice the role of president first belongs to the two deputies, currently Moret and Heinz Brand (UDC / GR). The Romandie, already a candidate for the Federal Council against Ignazio Cassis, will then take office in 2020, while the following year it will be up to a UDC to replace Brand, mocked by the recent failure to re-election to the People's Chamber.

"We did not want to humiliate any party, without forgetting that it takes time to prepare for this function," commented Nordmann. In any case, it will not be the first time that an environmentalist takes the reins of the National Team: in 2013, for example, the groups had let Maya Graf (BL) preside over the Chamber.

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