"At the end of the year everyone will go away, from Ancelotti to Koulibaly"


Antonio Corbo and De Laurentiis, RepublicAntonio Corbo and De Laurentiis, Republic

The editorialist of the Republic announces the end of a cycle at home to Naples, anticipating for the end of the season the farewell of Ancelotti and the most representative players of the club, including Koulibaly

Latest news Napoli soccer. There is no mention of anything other than the mutiny against the president De Laurentiis by the team, headed by captain Lorenzo Insigne. In the words of Antonio Corbo, columnist for the newspaper La Repubblica, what happened is the end of a cycle.

It is not finished, but another cycle has now been closed. Napoli fell to pieces last night, while its captain entrusted to the vice-president Edoardo De Laurentiis a message with all the grace that is recognized to Insigne. "You must tell your father that we go home"A few words for a revolt. No withdrawal, the bus with the engine running almost empty again, only Ancelotti and his staff on board. Hello, hello, what a bad evening. Players with cars and families disappear in a night that becomes point of border between illusions and defeats, fiction and confrontation, vanished points and difficult recovery attempts.Nothing will be as before because the order of the president has been disregarded, the team's no reveals itself as an escape from duty, the society's reaction is not a provision but for now the threat of an appeal to the Arbitration Panel at the court of Naples If the players have reiterated the refusal and even yesterday nobody blocked them, a solution was needed. Delegate to Ancelotti: decide him. he had already revealed Monday that he was against withdrawal, he abolished it, as indeed Insigne and the elders had already decided, there was no other possible ending for now. Insigne had spoken as a captain, he could not be struck and isolated. The exoneration of Ancelotti would have been sensational because he had expressed his dissent. Hypothesis that circulated yesterday, but unlikely. Hire a coach capable of imposing withdrawal and rigor. But is there a right one to bring Napoli up and put everyone on the line? With his reasons, De Laurentiis has only postponed the showdown. It will be brutal if Napoli does not stay on the international circuit and does not rise from seventh to fourth, which is worth the Champions League. The powers attributed to Ancelotti are equal to its weakness.

With a poor team when playing and hostile when it violates the company's deliveries it is logical to foresee mass sales and new cycles at the end of the championship. It is less logical to think that it remains Ancelotti, appeared in turn annoyed and disappointed. His official dissent at the retreat confirms that it was not shared. The coach was not expecting that for his corporate vocation he accepted everything, even too much, losing sympathy among the fans. In Naples, those who are in contrast to the president are loved, with signs of intolerance, talkative silences, sudden tears. Strange, but it is so. Although pursued in the end, Mazzarri and Sarri left, leaving Napoli second, Benitez quietly broke away from a fifth Napoli. Failed. President and Ancelotti may have time to clarify, who knows. Not the players. De Laurentiis even before they rebelled against the withdrawal had suffered very high demands for the renewal of some contracts. For the elderly, China is really close. As likely is the departure of the most requested. Koulibaly among these. Establishing the next cycle on the moods of these days makes the break-up even more serious. All for the whim of a retreat.

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