"At Inter to change the history of 9 years. No outlet. Sensi …"


APPIANO GENTILE – Once the bad Champions League evening for Antonio Conte is over, it's time to dive back into the league. At the Meazza Verona of the former Juric will arrive, on the Nerazzurri bench as second of Gianpiero Gasperini. The Inter technician answers questions from reporters present in the media center of Appiano Gentile. FcInter1908 will bring you the direct text with the words of the technician. These are the first words of the technician: "Verona? We will have to face it carefully, knowing that it is a healthy team that runs and presses. We should be very prepared. It will not be a simple race and we should be good at disposing of Dortmund's disappointment. This is part of the growth process "

VENT – "I don't see it as an outlet, you see it that way. It is a way with a constructive fund to try to understand where some mistakes were made. I didn't point to anyone and I got into that situation. I don't know if any manager has seen her like you, I see her constructively. I have been called to change Inter's engine revs over the past 9 years. If I do something I do it for the good of this team, we have to understand that many things have to do better because we are Inter. When we are in private the managers themselves recognize this situation, there are no problems with them, we share the same thought "

INJURY – "These situations must make us think, the traumatic injury there is, for this reason we should be good in the future to remedy these situations. Worried? I trust these guys a lot, doing incredible things, in big difficulties. This is an objective difficulty, one experienced in these games. There is certainly a concern on the one hand because the group is reduced but I also have a lot of faith in these guys. They are giving me the soul and I see a lot of room for improvement in this group. LAutaro is 22, Barella 23, the same Sensi, Bastoni, Skriniar, Lukaku is also 26 years old. A young group that can be built on. For my part there is the desire to raise the bar. We are Inter, a great team, a team that must return to compete. I raise the bar to all of them constructively because I am the first to do it to myself "

INFIRMARY – "Alternative is to bring a spring boy in pink. Between Fonseca and Vergani, I don't see many alternatives. However, I have great confidence in Lukaku, in Lautaro but I also have it for Esposito. I would not be afraid to do it from the first minute. We will also grow other children and we will overcome this period that deprives us of alternatives. D'Ambrosio has been training with us for a week, he feels a bit annoyed, the calcification does not come from today until tomorrow. Let's talk about a boy of incredible generosity. For Sensi, he is struggling a little to recover, I am managing him, we see what kind of situation there will be for tomorrow, we will make evaluations. The stop will also affect the assessments we will make "

GOALS NOW – "There have been situations that do not favor us. We received a little more goals than the average, we have to work, try to return to enjoy even for a zero in terms of conceded goals. We attack in 11 and we must defend in 11. We cannot put specific blame on a sector "

MENTAL RECALL TO THE ENVIRONMENT – “When I talk about strategy I also talk about this. I was called here to change something, engine revs and situations experienced over the last 9 years. Luciano in recent years has done a tremendous job in light of the difficulties I see here too. Arrival in a difficult historical moment, because those who are in front of them have been there for a long time. I am not referring only to Juventus, but also to the others. It is inevitable that you bring expectations, but I can't just keep them on myself, we all have to change turns if we want to bring Inter back to compete. If I bring someone to work at tours that they are not used to, I'm sorry but I'm here for this and I can't distort myself. We must go in search of excellence and we cannot be satisfied, I cannot be satisfied. We must push, we must raise the bar, we must all do it from the players to the club, all united all together. This is the only way to love Inter and change history. Altriment will remain so everything and it will be a pity because we would have lived and I don't like vivacchiare, I can do it maybe in the wrong way but the concept is this "

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN TIMES – "It's not like I didn't know what happened in the second half immediately after the conference, I think at that moment it was more important to talk about other things than to talk about what went wrong with Dortmund in the second half. I don't know if for lack of our strength or for the strength of the adversary, they forced us to defend in our midfield and it was very difficult. The input was to go and pick them up even taking some risks. We must understand, we need a middle ground. The fact of arriving in the second half I don't know if we had all this strength to do this high pressure and bring this intensity or if it was the skill and strength of the opponent to make us defend low. We have to stay in the opposing half and give pressure. When we are in our world we struggle but we have to understand it. Maybe we need to take an extra step on a mental level and become stronger ”

TEAM – "The market choices are made in collaboration with the club, my only recrimination is that when we planned the squad we did not estimate any situations that could happen, the only regret is this. Then I am happy to have this rose and these players and even more today that I met them one by one, footballers of human and football depth on which we can work on a numerical level, we were superficial and today I say it in a serene way we are paying. If we arrived with Dortmund with a few more turns maybe we could have had more chances but it is part of a journey, we can all accelerate together if we want to be united and move towards the common goal. Everything is done for the good of Inter "

QUALIFICATION – “I told the boys that football as in life puts you ahead of the times that you have to understand. Winning in Dortmund would have meant staying with one foot and three-quarters in the second round, there must be regret for what has not happened and the defeat has changed the percentages of passing to the next round but we know that we must make two victories and hope for some result "

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