ASK SPINAZZOLA – "The victories bring serenity, we liked Fonseca's game immediately. Mancini's performance does not surprise me." VIDEO!


Leonardo Spinazzola, Roma full-back, spoke live on RomaTV + to answer questions from fans. This is the transcription of the player's words

Have you seen any extra smiles in the last few weeks?

"Victories bring serenity but there is always something to do with the piece. It is a moment that you fall down in performance. It always takes balance, the coach has been saying it since July. He says he is the most balanced man and will let you perceive him "Without balance you don't go anywhere. Today we have seen the mistakes made against Naples. When there is no attitude it is character, there is the alarm".

How are you with the team?

"Very good. Three months I do interviews, three months I say it. Many of them I knew, who are not very good boys. We are really good".

What kind of music do you listen to?

"Kluivert and Jesus are the DJs of the locker room. They put Latin American and hip pop. I like to dress off with the typical hats of the style. Now among the Italians Ultimo".

Rock bands?

"I Queen, but it's not my thing".

Do you support the VAR?

"Favorable, but not excessively. It helps on offside, but on hand fouls, you see de Ligt that poor thing seems to have the magnet … they are never penalties. It is normal for a defender to have that intervention, it is not like going with the open arm. It seems that as soon as you touch it with your little finger it is rigor, but this is not kick.

Budget game mister?

"Very well, we are all full-backs with a leg. We liked the game of the coach right from the start. I think of the match against Genoa where everyone said we were unbalanced. For me it was not a tactical question. I only needed a little bit of courage. After the coach he had some tricks, now we are calmer even on defense, doing the same things. Mancini now gives more balance ".

Does knowing that you have Mancini among the medians makes you full-back quieter?

"The more you play, the more confident you are and the things the coach asks you. The outside positions are not pure exteriors. They have to be in a position that is not very comfortable for an exterior because they are playing back to the door. It is not like Under who plays on the line. It also depends on the features "

How many tattoos do you have and what was the first one?

"I have two, a big one and a small one with my wife. In the same year I did both (laughs). The big one has a whole meaning for the family".

Did Mancini's performance surprise you?

"No, I didn't think he could run so much, but he has the feet to set. I saw some challenges he won in training, even in Bergamo with Atalanta, against very physical players. His performance doesn't surprise me."

The Balotelli case?

"It's a shame, these things can't be heard yet. Whoever makes a mistake has to pay, there are cameras to identify the culprits."

Which shirt do you like best?

"The classic red, but also the blue one".

Favorite Roman dish?

"Amatriciana, but also cheese and pepper. My mother always cooked amatriciana, so I say that."

How are you in Rome?

"Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. At first I had difficulties with traffic, I lived in quieter cities in the past and the first month was complicated."

Does the song "Semo gente de Foligno" appeal to an inhabitant of Foligno?

"Yes, I also sang it when I arrived, Florenzi knew it and always sang it to me."



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