Arturi: "Naples, the bomb exploded in the locker room can change the season. Juventus is a resultist"


Franco Arturi, editor of Gazzetta dello Sport, has released some statements during an interview with Radio Sportiva.

The editorialist of the Gazzetta dello Sport, Franco Arturi, intervened in Sports Radio to take stock of the three European days of Italian teams. Here are his words: "Napoli failed to overcome Salzburg, but the situation in the standings is rosy: the plastic bomb that exploded in the locker room can change the meaning of the entire season but we'll find out later. Juve is the most accomplished of the teams : Sarri was also taken to turn on an aesthetic level, but for now he is qualifying as a vector of results that are often a little hard ".

Arturi then added: "In any case I am optimistic about Juventus' future path because the transformation is already underway, of course it is that the squad at Sarri's disposal solves all the problems. For Inter a 2-0 that becomes 2-3 complicates the hopes of qualifying and leaves a lot of anger and perplexity: the release of Conte masks something else, it is one of the most blatant things ever seen at these levels, wrong in form and manner. A bit of disappointment for Atalanta is there, the experience is not a relevant fact and I would have expected something more: we hope that the second half against the City preludes to an Nerazzurri explosion but the defeats of the first rounds weigh in. I don't think that Rome and Lazio have underestimated the Europa League , if that were the case it would be genuine madness ".

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