arrested the surveyor of the Municipality and four entrepreneurs. That's who they are. Investigated the commissioner


ANCONA – A massive police blitz on Municipality of Ancona: searches in various offices and 5 people were arrested in an investigation into the public Works.

The 40-year-old surveyor of the Municipality, in charge of the maintenance, landslide and civil protection sectors, ended up in jail. To the domiciliary, instead, four entrepreneurs, of which two anconetani: all with the charge of corruption aggravated. In the investigation, very large, there would be about thirty suspects, many of them employees of the Municipality. Among them also theassessor to public works Paolo Manarini, whose lawyer Franco Blodrini explains: «My client is certain that there will be clarity because it has nothing to do with the accusations made. We await the implications of the investigation ».

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Under house arrest the four entrepreneurs, accused of having corrupted the municipal official to win the contracts: they are Marco Duca, 53 years of Cupramontana, owner of the company Duca Marco & C .; the surveyor Carlo Palumbi, 66 years old from Val Vomano (Teramo) and owner of Procaccia & C. Srl Impresa Edile; Francesco Tittarelli, 69 years old from Ancona, owner of Tittarelli Francesco & C. Sas based in Montesicuro; Tarcisio Molini, 65 years of the company Mafalda Costruzioni Srl of Cingoli.

Tax fraud in university research: searches and seizures in the Marche region

Rigged contracts with ASUR, Marini: "A clockwork search"

The articulated and complex investigative activity, which began in the autumn of 2018, saw as the main protagonist the official public of the Municipality of Ancona which, violating those that are the cardinal principles of the good performance of the public administration, or the principle of transparency, inexpensiveness, correctness, and non-observance of the respect of the principle of rotation of the invitations and of the assignments of the works and paid their compensation in a direct and systematic way always to the same group of "friendly" companies included in a real "cartel", a multitude of works largely never performed and, in other numerous cases, executed only in part and for a value far lower than that corresponding to the public money disbursed.

The contracts for the construction of the lakes of the Passetto. In return, the civil servant received from the "friendly entrepreneurs" every form of illegitimate utility found during the activity of investigation: in the "gifts" you go to work at home in expensive hi-tech objects, including telephones, cameras and drones. During the investigation, other criminal offenses emerged that involved 30 other people, under investigation, for various reasons: abuse of office, ideological material falsehood in public acts, disturbed freedom of charms and in environmental matters, aggravated fraud against the State aimed at obtaining public funds, refusal of official duties.

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