"Area with high seismic hazard"


There shock which occurred this afternoon (November 7th) at 18,35 in Balsorano, with magnitude 4.4, it belongs to a seismic sequence different from that of central Italy. Therefore, the telluric movement that today activated the earthquake on the border between Abruzzo and Lazio it is part of "another system of faults", as confirmed to the Ansa by the seismologist Alessandro Amato of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv).

"It is still – continued Alessandro Amato – an area of ​​high seismic hazard".

In this same area, the Avezzano earthquake of 1915, while two other important historical earthquakes occurred in the frusinate in 1654 and further south, towards Molise, in 1349.

"In the last hours – the seismologist said – he had registered in the area of ​​seismicity, with some small shocks, and now we are seeing small replicas".

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