ArcelorMittal, the CEO Morselli to the judge: commitment to continue production


The managing director. Mittal Morselli, from what has been learned, in the courtroom before the judge Marangoni issued a statement explaining, on the one hand, that the company, although not obliged, complied with the Court's request in recent days not to block the production in the pending civil proceeding, ie not taking "irreversible initiatives" for the operation of the establishments. And furthermore, he has formalized, always in the classroom, his acceptance of the willingness expressed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, in the meeting last Friday, to establish a dialogue on the controversy.

Finally, Morselli assumed the commitment until next December 20, the date of the next hearing in which we will take stock of the agreement reached between the parties, to guarantee the "normal functioning of the plants and the continuity of production". A commitment assumed, as has been reported, precisely out of respect for the President of the Council and after the agreements reached at the meeting on November 22nd.

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