ArcelorMittal, Luigi Di Maio: "If the Pd presents an amendment on the criminal shield it is a problem for the Government"


"The Conte line is the one that allowed to unmask A.Mittal" on the penal shield. "This theme of the pretext, not even Mittal used it, and now I see that a part of the system, including the media", focusing on immunity, "instead of being with the workers proves to be with Mittal". Thus stated political leader M5S Luigi Di Maio at the end of the meeting with the ministers of the Movement.

"If the PD presents an amendment" on the shield "it is a problem for the government", underlines Di Maio.

Di Maio had a meeting at the Chamber in the morning with the 5 Stelle directors of Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama. Again the discussion focused almost entirely on the Ilva issue.

The question also comes from the Minister of Agricultural Policies, Teresa Bellanova, who on the microphones of "In Viva Voce" on Rai Radio1 states: "The government must do something very simple and dutiful, show seriousness: every alibi must be removed from Mittal".

"When Mittal signed the agreement with the then Minister Di Maio – recalls Bellanova – the regulations in force provided for the penalties for all environmental works. Mittal used the subsequent changes as a pretext to say that it is blocking production: as far as I am concerned it must be faced with its responsibilities, the State must restore the rules as they were, and every alibi must be removed from Mittal, because Taranto and Italian steel cannot afford thousands of redundancies. This is the point, any other reflection at this time is likely to be a favor to the company ".

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