ArcelorMittal, Count in Taranto: tension on arrival at the plant


Environmentalists and residents call for the plant to be closed – Waiting for Conte in front of the plant was a crowd of environmentalists and inhabitants of the Tamburi district. Most of the people present insistently requested the closure of the former Ilva, only someone mentioned the possible conversion with the consequent use of the workers for the reclamation. "We are working hard on clean energy," said Conte.

"Here more deaths than children" – "Enough talk. Here are more the dead than the children. We want closure. We want to live. Go to the hospital. Go see the kids doing chemo." These are some of the phrases that a group of people outside the gates addressed to the prime minister who in turn replied: "I am here without a mask".

Conte: "I don't have the solution in my pocket" – The premier has further replied to the people outside the gates of the former Ilva: "I don't have the solution in my pocket, we'll see in the next few days".

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