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New crucial week for the ArcelorMittal dispute. It will probably be Tuesday, as far as we learn, the meeting between the premier Giuseppe Conte and the leaders of ArcelorMittal. The meeting, officially, has not yet been fixed.

And while the government is studying the margins of the negotiation with the Indian group, from the opposition Matteo Salvini makes it known that he is available to vote for the restoration of the legal shield: "We are willing to do anything to save the former Ilva".

Contrary to former Minister M5s Barbara Lezzi: "Already in the CDM – the senator says – I had refused to vote for the restoration of the penal shield. It cannot be a solution to extend the penal shield to all the others. The solution must be to do sure investments on this factory. With the Apulian colleagues we are ready with different solutions, we wait to meet Conte to propose them, then he will do the synthesis.There may be national and even European funds that can be used State aid? This is a strategic issue for Italy and the EU ".

Meanwhile, the president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano, is proving to have called for tomorrow at the regional presidency (2.30 pm) a meeting with the social and institutional parties (trade unions, Confindustria, the Municipality and Province of Taranto) to discuss the situation of the former Ilva of Taranto after the announced disengagement of ArcelorMittal.

The social partners, however, explain that they have not received any communication from the company. "Mittal to us who signed the agreement has not said anything yet, we have not yet managed to meet the company. We were informed by the Government that in a meeting with them Mittal raised the issue of 5,000 redundancies and we know that Mittal presented the revocation to the Court in Milan ". This was stated by the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, at Mezz'ora in piu by Lucia Annunziata. "We have asked the Government to re-activate a table with Mittal because for us that must be the agreement that remains applied. And at the same time we are telling the Government that Mittal needs to change its mind: this country must continue to produce steel, the it must do without killing anyone, but if it does not produce more steel we not only lose 20 thousand jobs but we lose the industrial capacity of our country ". "We today at the Government – adds Landini – are saying that it is useful that there is also an entry of the State into this society so as to check that the investments are made and also those that are the policies that are activated". This was stated by the general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, at half an hour more than Lucia Annunziata, stating that "this is something that was discussed a year and a half ago".

But it is precisely on the borders of the dossier that Agriculture Minister Teresa Ballanova intervenes: "The workers do not touch, the agreements are respected, the government is the guarantor of the agreement signed", he writes on Fb underlining that "the investor must be reported absolutely to the comparison with who has signed the September agreement: workers' representatives. The Government is the guarantor of the Agreement, it is not the counterpart "." From the next hours we must absolutely return to the normality of the confrontation between the parties. The investor is obliged to confront "with the unions and" it is our obligation to ensure that it happens ".

"The story of the bonds of the League in ArcelorMittal? Di Maio is a bit confused, we see that it is the time zone. He goes from Beijing to Washington while Italian companies close. I would not like that in the vision of the M5S there is a Italy that lives on alms and income from citizenship, unless there is someone who is doing a favor to someone else, a Chinese or a German company ". This was stated by the leader of the League Matteo Salvini at "Non e Arena" on La7.

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