Antonio Picci of Vigor Trani: the viral interview | Video


The Trani striker, team of Apulian excellence, protagonist of feats on and off the field – Twitter /TV Courier

The web has made Antonio Picci, Vigor Trani striker, a team of Puglia excellence, one of the most clicked characters. Thanks to its splendid reversal, which has earned it a comeback success on Gallipoli. Trani fans and not literally unleashed on social media by sharing the video of the acrobatics of their bomber, comparing the ballistic gesture to Cristiano Ronaldo's famous reversal in Real Madrid's time against Juventus, in the Champions League. After the triple whistle the white-blue bomber was the protagonist of another video, which depopulated the web: this time it was an interview, released by the same attacker to a local television network. Fiery statements by the Trani center striker, but which caused a lot of laughter on the internet, as Picci stated: "I'm happy because I know what I went through, two months ago I didn't want anyone, not even my mother at home." The relaunch on some of the most popular Instagram pages made the video immediately viral. "I proved to be the strongest, there is no doubt about this. The goal I scored is not seen in Serie C or Serie D. I challenge anyone to prove the opposite ». Words that have made everyone fall in love: the Trani fans enjoying their games and the web surfers for his statements.

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