Antonio Cianci, those three carabinieri killed at the checkpoint. The first crime in 15 years


At the university student Gabriele Mattetti, 29, who worked as a metronome in a Segrate factory, the killer asked for the hour and without waiting for an answer to shoot his back, heart and head. It was October 17, 1974, Antonio Cianci (the ergastolano who stabbed a man in the parking lot of San Raffaele on Saturday), a native of Cerignola (Foggia) who moved to Pioltello with his mother and sisters in 1964, he was 15 at the time years, a job as tinsmith started after the fifth grade. And an immoderate passion for weapons and a morbid attraction for everything that was criminal. Even if the real criminals kept him away, because he was considered a madman and a hot head. He had avoided imprisonment for the young age.

And it was still under surveillance, when five years later, on the evening of 9 October 1979, had been stopped by three carabinieri along the Rivoltana near Liscate. He had left time to talk to the police and to the marshal Michele Campagnuolo, to the appointed Pietro Lia and to the carabiniere Federico Tempini to verify that the Cinquecento he was traveling on was stolen.

A witness said he had seen him chattering with the military. While another, fined by the carabinieri at the checkpoint, had even explained that he had made a change from that boy, calm and calm, waiting to leave. When they got close to the military, after confirming that the car was burning and driving a boy with a murder record, he had pulled out the 7.65 that he kept under his jacket and dumped all the blows from the magazine on them . Killed all three without time to react.

In his disorderly confessions before the magistrates he never knew how to explain why his four murders. He said that one of the carabinieri had teased him about the license photo. And then he decided to shoot. His lawyer during the trial asked for psychiatric assessments that have never certified mental illness. For him the sentence to life imprisonment and a life spent in the cell since 1979. Three quarters of its existence.

At the Bollate prison, the longtime murderer Cianci had never created problems or concerns. He did not work, but volunteered for the other detainees in the secretariat, as the director Cosima Buccoliero explains. In essence, he was the scribe for the new arrivals, to help them present requests and questions. His was not a life sentence, the one reserved for irreducible terrorists and mobsters – and on which controversies have been lit in recent weeks – but an ordinary regime.

So much so that the 60-year-old Cianci has been benefiting since September of the award permits after 40 years of uninterrupted detention. A year and a half ago he had been transferred from the Opera supercarcere to the Bollate model. A decision motivated by the need for a detention with attenuated surveillance in view of the progressive exit. Saturday morning he had left the prison with a three-day award to reach his sister who lives in Cernusco sul Naviglio, less than five kilometers from San Raffaele. L for never arrived.

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