Anti-Semitism, Mattarella: "Segre's escort is a sign that intolerance is concrete"


ROME – The escort to Liliana Segre is a sign that hatred and intolerance are real dangers, not rhetorical devices. Sergio Mattarella again takes the side of the life senator, who has been assigned an escort because of the threats he has suffered, and states that "if someone gets to say to a child on the bus you can't sit next to me because you have skin of a different color, if it is necessary for an elderly lady who has never hurt anyone but who has suffered cruelty as a child from Liliana Segre to have an escort, it means that these questions from children, who ask for solidarity instead of hate, they are not abstract or rhetorical but very concrete ".



Liliana Segre: the normal country of hatred

Mattarella took the floor at the end of the inauguration ceremony of the Academic Year of the BioCampus of Rome "this extraordinary scientific and educational adventure". The President of the Republic has invited to think about the future referring to what a child could want and therefore "to desire a serene life, coexistence, closeness with others, against egoistic entrenchment". The contrast between "solidarity" on the one hand and "intolerance, hatred and opposition" is not "an alternative rhetoric".

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Mattarella took his cue from the interventions that preceded him (President Felice Barela, the rector Raffaele Calabro, two students and Prof. Massimo Inguscio) and underlined some concepts that emerged from those speeches, such as "Taking care", "global education" of the student "," responsibility ", the" awareness that then consists of responsibility ". Hence his exhortation. "The world changes with a shocking rhythm – he added – but one thing remains constant, namely the human condition, cohabitation and sense of responsibility".

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