Anti-abandon seats, the obligation is triggered but (perhaps) not the fines


Anti-abandon seats, from today the obligation but on arrival a rule to shift the fines

Anti-abandon seats, starting from today the obligation but a rule is already on the way to make the fines slip. The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Paola De Micheli, in a video note on her Facebook profile, defines «sacrosanct and civilization» the law on the obligation to install anti-abandonment devices. "It is a law primarily of civilization, wanted and approved by all parties to prevent tragedies similar to those that occurred in the past," he says. "I am indignant at the accusations that are branded as an additional tax on families," he continues. "I find it shameful to exploit the lives of our children for political ends. This law should only be an achievement for all and not a cause for controversy "."I would like to reassure mothers and families about the urgency of this device and the fines for those who are not yet equipped with this tool: the ministry I represent – he said – is here for all the clarifications and there is the availability of the government and the entire majority to intervene to postpone the application of sanctions through an amendment. Furthermore, it will soon be possible to obtain a refund of 30 euros for the expenses incurred, therefore it is a good idea to keep the purchase receipts ».

The obligation to mount car alarm devices on seats, the so-called "anti-abandonment" systems for those transporting children under the age of 4, starts from today. This is sanctioned by the decree implementing article 172 of the new Highway Code which defines the technical-constructive characteristics of anti-abandonment devices for children.

According to the new legislation, those who transport a child under the age of 4 without a child seat equipped with an anti-abandon system by car risk a fine from 81 to 326 euros (payment within five days 56.70 euros), the deduction of 5 points from driving license and driving license suspension from 15 days to two months if he is caught committing the same offense more than once within two years.

The devices can already be integrated in the seat, can constitute a basic equipment or a vehicle accessory, or be independent of both the seat and the vehicle and do not require type approval but must comply with the technical prescriptions given in Annex A to the decree. In particular, the anti-abandonment must give an alarm signal suitable to promptly attract the driver's attention through specific visual and acoustic or visual and haptic signals, perceptible inside or outside the vehicle, as well as having the ability to activate automatically at each use, without further action by the driver.

To facilitate the purchase of the devices, a fund was set up in the tax decree for an incentive of 30 euros for each device purchased. But there is still no implementing rule to redeem the bonus. And there are those who ask for the suspension of fines as citizens are not informed.

The deputy of the Pd Ubaldo Pagano proposed to the Ministry of the Interior to suspend "for the moment the sanctions on the anti-abandon seats until the citizens have been informed correctly and widespread about the new legislation and until the 30 euro incentive will be operational to the purchase, foreseen by Dl Fisco, whose implementation modalities still have to be clarified by the Ministry of Transport ».

"We hoped for a greater margin of time by interpreting the law more favorably and with the granting of the initially planned 120 days, so it was not therefore parents, grandparents and companions to hurry!", Commented the Asaps, the Supporters and Friends Association of the Traffic Police.
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