answers coming for the Virgin, love for the stars for Scorpio and Sagittarius


Paolo Fox, like every weekend, tells us how it will be stars for the various signs of the zodiac. It will be for some a weekend of love and passion, two days in which to dedicate oneself to one's partner, while others will suffer the dissonant influences of some planets, for this the astrologer recommends caution. Here are the sign-by-sign forecasts.Read also> Horoscope Paolo Fox, the ranking of the week sign by sign: Libra too nervous, Aries in recovery

Aries. You will be very aggressive, but you risk being too aggressive. In love there was a departure, now you have to understand what you want to do, many knots have come to a head.

Bull. You are usually conservatives, but at this time you may feel the need for change. You may decide to break off with someone.

Gemini. It will be a weekend of growth, you must have confidence. Take advantage of these last months of the year to bring order to your life.

Cancer. There may be clashes with someone, try to be cautious. In the last few years you have been very selfish, now you could pay the consequences.

Lion. You feel the need to fix things that did not go with your family. Watch out for money and don't go overboard.

Virgin. You are anxious and waiting for answers to questions that you have left pending. Have patience, in 2020 you will reap the fruits of your labors.

Weight scale. In love you are very agitated, but try to remain calm. Last year you broke up several reports, now try to be more cautious.

Scorpio. Look for the answers you want within you, the stars will help you make a good examination of conscience. A very exciting weekend is coming.

Sagitario. You are waiting for an emotional response, in this period you do not want to waste time with those who are not interested. In the next 48 hours you will find a solution to an intricate question.

Capricorn. Tensions related to the home and family could arise over the weekend. On arrival, even a physical decline, allow yourself rest and relaxation.

Aquarium. Try to get to know new people if you feel alone. A betrayal or a rude immediately could have discouraged you, but there is no need to keep thinking about the past.

Fish. Love will reserve surprises for you over the weekend that could leave you perplexed. In December you will have the answers you are looking for in love and at work.

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