"Another step of growth, we wanted the victory. Good loot and now we go to the break more serene"


Get to the microphones of Sky Antonio Conte after the success in the comeback of his Inter on Hellas Verona: "The strategy is to try to get out of it stronger and stronger, today an important response after Dortmund despite having climbed up against a team that built a barrier in front of the goal. After the goal they defended and left but we were good at not losing patience and having an exceptional desire to rebel against this negative result and overturn it.The boys are doing something important, 31 points in 12 games are a nice booty, we put hay in the farm but I make a big thanks to this guys because they still threw their hearts over the obstacle after a big disappointment in Dortmund We had the game in hand but it is part of our step of maturing and winning in this way, playing great and putting Verona on the ropes it means that there is something at the base, now we are working to improve.There are so many young boys who can only grow, we are creating something beautiful".

Do you look at tomorrow's match between Juve and Milan with more serenity, with a good ranking?

"We are happy to have made 31 points, even in the most optimistic forecasts we would have expected it. Thanks to these guys who are working well, we have played many games in a few days, if today we had not fielded everything we would not have won. Congratulations to them and I dedicate the victory to my daughter Vittoria, who turns 12, winning the celebration in a more serene way together with my family.There is now a break and going to rest after a victory must give us enthusiasm and morale and understand that we are on right way. These guys are giving me everything and I'm really happy to train them. "

The attitude, the work, is seen in the field: a large team must know how to attack even in the strait.

"Within a few days we had two completely different games because the Dortmund was pressing high and we could have a field to attack, but today it immediately started climbing because they were defending with a 7-3 leaving you to play in your area. position ourselves well and give ample space to the outsiders. I think it was important for Bastoni in the second half, the added midfielder entering their defense and marching for them became difficult for them, he also went to the shooting. do but I'm happy because it was difficult, they go all-out to the man and you have to be good at being patient and not getting started. We reacted after the beating of Dortmund and it's another sign of psychological growth. Our fans understood that we wanted to win and pushed us to the end. Now we relax for a moment but happy to have given everything in these seven games. treasure of everything, every step, even negative, should be exploited to grow ".


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