Angelo Izzo, Circeo's monster speaks from prison: "There are things I have not confessed"


The monster of the Circeo Angelo Izzo does not deny anything of his life, not even the crimes. He has many things "to be forgiven", he tells the Adnkronos from the prison of Velletri (Rome) including those delusions of omnipotence that made him sadly famous. Repentant, connoisseur – according to him – of the secrets of the massacres (from Piazza Fontana to the bomb of Bologna) of the Pecorelli murders, of the boys of the left Fausto and Iaio, even of Piersanti Mattarella in Palermo.

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His statements have not always been confirmed. At a certain point, when in 2004 he was released, he killed mother and daughter of a former affiliate of the Sacra Corona Unita for what passed to the news as the massacre of Ferrazzano, province of Campobasso. His latest "discovery" was self-accusing of the rape of Rossella Corazzin, the 17-year-old woman who died 43 years ago in Umbria, but he did not want to take away any weight, "he simply – he writes – wanted to confess some of the facts I participated in within the scope of a reconstruction, let's call it historical-judicial ". And it is not the only unconfessed crime. There are "a lot of things – Izzo confirms – but honestly I'm tired of having to deal with investigators to whom I should provide the proof, moreover in large part they are dated episodes".

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