Andy Schleck confesses: "I feel my victory on the Tour 2010. I have always been clean while there were many suspicious things"


Andy Schleck he retired from cycling at the end of 2014. The former Luxembourg rider was a great talent never completely accomplished in the cycling world. It turned out in 2007 to take second place in the Giro d’Italia, won by Danilo Di Luca, only 22 years old. In 2009 he won the Liege – Bastogne – Liege and was ranked second in the Tour de France, a placement that he also obtained the following year, but, following the ban for doping by Alberto Contador, he was assigned to a table in 2012. After his withdrawal, due to the many physical problems that afflicted his career, opened a bicycle shop.

Andy told an interview with rouleur: "Suddenly you're retired. In the beginning everything is fine, you tell yourself now that you have time, you can go fishing, you can do whatever you want. But it gets boring very quickly if you don't have a challenge every day. I took three months off and tried to find myself. To find out again who they really are. "

"The transition to normal life was very difficult – confessed Luxembourgish – When you are young you do not always realize what you are doing: continuous training, pleasant sponsors, pleasant people. It becomes a daily habit. When you are young, you like to be famous for your work and your results. I've never changed. But every single step you take in life becomes wiser. When I compare the way I look at life today and how I looked at it ten years ago, it's completely different ”.

The race that launched it as a great promise of world cycling was the 2007 Tour of Italy: "SI went to the Giro as a young boy who had talent and I came out as a future winner of the Tour de France. Obviously I was surprised. "

His career was characterized by the presence of his older brother Frank, his teammate: "At night during the Tour, in our room, we didn't talk about the next stage. We talked about what we would do when we returned home, if we went fishing together or vacations. We have two quite different characters. I'm more impulsive, I go out and fight, I say "I go and, if I lose, I lose and it was a lesson for me, but if it works, I'm happy." Frank, on the other hand, is really the opposite, analyzes everything before and does not run too many risks ".

Andy won the 2010 Tour de France following the doping ban by Alberto Contador: "For a long time, I didn't know what to feel about it, but now I feel like the winner. Today, if there are beams, I get a little angry because, during my career, I ran when more and more suspicious things came to light. Contador wasn't running that Tour cleanly, that's clear. In 2007, I finished second behind Danilo Di Luca at the Giro. In his book he wrote what he had used during that competition. This is also my victory, but nobody talks about it. I feel a little betrayed in many races: I finished second behind Rebellin at the Freccia Vallone in 2009. It would have been my victory because it had been found positive that year ”.

"I truly believe that my fans have always trusted me that I was running clean and that I am a correct person – the former runner continued – and I think that's what I benefit from today: I still get invitations to do events and I'm still a lot around and in the press. Why today who talks about Di Luca? No one, only the tabloids ".

Finally he confesses: "Perhaps mentally, I was not strong enough. Maybe I would have won more Tour de France or more races if I was more of an animal of character. Harder. But again, would I be happier today if I had won four or five stages of the Tour de France or another Tour? I don't think so. "

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