Andrea Titti spring Zingaretti for Italia Viva. Pd hemorrhage, because it is a very hard blow


Out another. The Pd loses important pieces, all in the direction Matteo Renzi. The last one is Andrea Titti, a name unknown to many but a man of weight in the Democratic Party of Lazio, the "heart" of the governor's secretariat Nicola Zingaretti. "I resigned from the direction of the Province of Rome and from the Regional Assembly of the Democratic Party, to firmly adhere to Italy Viva", explained the interested party in a note.

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"A difficult but inevitable choice – continues Titti – for those who do not have me a political history of the left, and has seen in the last 2 years the Pd give up as it is to his reformer profile, both to his vocation majority, retreating towards a re-edition of the Democratic Party of the left, tending to subordination to the Five Stars movement". According to Titti, Renzi's project is not a split but the natural continuation of a proposal addressed to that 40% of Italians who said yes to the constitutional referendum, that in the last 2 years, not feeling represented by anyone, in many cases they took refuge in abstention, and without which it will be impossible to win the challenge against sovereignties ".

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