Ancelotti, the former collaborator: "Carlo has never loved retreats. Davide too young to …"


The former historical collaborator of Ancelotti spoke to Radio Marte about the current moment of the Neapolitan squad.

Giorgio Ciaschini, historical collaborator of Ancelotti, he spoke to Radio Marte during "Si Gonfia la rete". "I didn't wish Carlo Ancelotti good luck, I didn't even know it was his name day. I read about the retreat, Ancelotti never agreed with the retreats, but in the light of a particular race like Naples-Salzburg it can be there. I do not believe that withdrawal is punitive, it is usually a time of greater concentration in which the team finds itself. Of course, in this case it is a week of withdrawal and it is a bit heavy, I believe that De Laurentiis wants once again the Napoli of the past, but it is a stimulus rather than a punishment ".

Ciaschini continues: "Napoli struggled to find continuity and motivation, for example when Roma missed the penalty, the team took confidence and played 20 minutes of football. However, the reactions are sporadic and this is not good. A bit of bending can be there because the basic structure has been changed, but I advise Ancelotti to find a final asset. Of course, the rose has different characteristics, but it is important to have a basic eleven. I've always known Davide Ancelotti, he has the desire and ability, but he is still young and dealing with players of a certain level can be difficult. Certainly, his age and inexperience even as a footballer, penalize him, especially in moments of greatest difficulty ”.

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