Ancelotti is the one who missed the least! A first sign of relaxation comes from the coach


Carlo Ancelotti, Napoli coachCarlo Ancelotti, Napoli coach

La Gazzetta dello Sport takes stock of the latest in Napoli and what is the situation regarding Carlo Ancelotti

Latest news Napoli soccer – The only one saved from the protest yesterday afternoon by the fans of Naples, it was Carlo Ancelotti. Because for sure in all this controversy is the one that has missed the least and at the same time because those who really care about the fate of the Naples, as the today's edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport tells.

Ancelotti, first sign of relaxation

"He knows that only his prestige and charisma can restore serenity and concentration to a group that at the moment appears to be overwhelmed by the events. It will not be easy even for a totem like him, given that the same players who have always defended this time have made it big with insubordination, and with regards to retreats: today Napoli will do that before playing at Castel Volturno. relaxation signal after days with exposed nerves "

Ancelotti Naples

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