Ancelotti has time until Liverpool. Then a shock will be needed


The Naples of Ancelotti does not pass against the Genoa and now the crisis is total. The Azzurri have not won for a month now and the ranking is getting out of hand. The Corriere dello Sport tried to estimate the time that De Laurentiis will give to Ancelotti.

Ancelotti has time until Liverpool. Then the ranking ill will increase

Ancelotti remains unassailable, at least until proven otherwise, at least until Liverpool. A trust in time. But De Laurentiis, in these ten American days, will try to be able to decode a situation that has become alarming, with results that risk affecting the future. Now wrapped in fog, then wait for the team's reaction: qualifying in the Champions League, an indispensable requirement, is not compromised but can become increasingly problematic and the fear of failure agitates.

Then there is the story of an evening filled with popular dissent, already shown to the team and that starts again when the clock marks 8 pm: it looks like a concert by Pino Daniele, the one that takes place at the San Paolo. Yes: it is only Pino's voice, fired from the speakers, to break through the chill of the night in Naples. The scene is this: half-empty stands, the balls placed in the field waiting for the team to enter and the fans in silence. A surreal silence. That in spite of the not very encouraging premises turns into applause when Meret, Ospina and Karnezis arrive for the heating.

It starts off pretty well. But it continues badly: the others enter, with Insigne in the lead to lead the group, and whistles rain. But covered by the ever increasing volume of Opus music, that of the famous heating danced by Maradona in Munich, and by a long series of firecrackers exploding in the distance. Outside: an unmistakable symbol of the popular protest already revealed at the arrival of the team bus. "Shame on you", the repeatable scream. The only one.

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