Ancelotti, exemption or resignation. Can Spalletti be the right man for Napoli?


Napoli no longer knows how to win. In the last four league games the Neapolitans have only scored three points. The balance would have already been negative with a quiet environment, it becomes tremendous if mutiny is taken into account. The company has imposed a silent press and therefore lives only on assumptions, even if they filter news coming from the inside vici. And while they are waiting for the sanctions of the president who has promised fines to the players the future of Ancelotti is questioned. The separation at the end of the season is practically certain, but the farewell could even be at the gates. Because coinciding with the stop, Napoli could be with a new coach.

De Laurentiis and the exemption of Ancelotti

It is difficult to think that De Laurentiis decides to exempt Ancelotti, even if the hypothesis cannot be excluded a priori. In the fifteen years of management the patron exonerated three coaches: Ventura, Naples was in C and it was the beginning of 2005; Reja, remained in the hearts of the fans and in excellent relations with the patron; and Donadoni, liquidated within six months a decade ago. In addition to the above, the economic question must also be assessed. Because the exemption of Ancelotti and the staff would cost dear, about 20 million gross.

Because Ancelotti could resign

But it could be Ancelotti who decides to leave Naples. The resignation does not seem imminent, but they are not even a utopia. The technician could slam the door in his face and leave. Take a step back for a matter of dignity, given the way the team is combined and does not tolerate tactical upheavals. Net of the two years at the helm of the group, he failed to give either a game or a physiognomy to the Neapolitans. The all against all has begun and the technician risks to end up in the middle of the fight between players and property. But it is difficult to think that an experienced coach like Ancelotti decides to leave the team at such a complicated time. If he does it is only because he has his back against the wall.

Spalletti possible successor to Ancelotti

In case of farewell to Ancelotti, tomorrow or in seven months, the new Napoli coach could be Spalletti. The Tuscan technician is at home right now, but he has a contract with Inter until 2021. Spalletti has always been a ball of the president of Naples who, taking it, would have the certainty of hiring a coach who in recent years has always managed to take the place in the Champions League, at the moment far away for the Neapolitans: he always did it by reassembling and he succeeded in very complicated conditions. He quarreled with Totti at Rome, and in fact with the whole environment, and then with Icardi at Inter. And a technician like Spalletti, who is used to living in complicated situations at the environmental level and in the locker room, could be the ideal coach to manage a difficult transition, even if not in the next season. Why the conspirators (Allan, Mertens, Insigne and Callejon) they are all on the landing list.

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