Ancelotti brings serenity back to the group, a fleeting confrontation with the players: that's what he said


Carlo Ancelotti asked his team only to concentrate on the field work and the match against Genoa.

The Naples tries to find a minimum of serenity after the chaos broke out on Tuesday evening, the mutiny of the team against the company was unprecedented and sensational. The Italian fans are rightly agitated. Carlo Ancelotti he knows that there is no better weapon to solve, or at least try to solve, situations like this one of wisdom. A wisdom dispensed in pills, spread around and allowed to take root and bloom.

Today's edition of the Corriere dello Sport writes of a fleeting, quick meeting between the coach and the team, a few words: "We don't talk about it anymore ". Take the ball back, guys and fix it in the middle of the pitch and thoughts: Napoli-Genoa is a calming, the necessary magic potion that allows you to distract attention for a week crossed over. The withdrawal decided by Ancelotti really has the flavor of a refuge for all the players who need to regain their concentration and serenity to take the field this evening at San Paolo.

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