Ancelotti away? De Biasi could be well seen as a ferryman


Tuttosport - Ancelotti away? De Biasi could well be seen as a ferryman, De Laurentiis could make an exception for Spalletti

Calciomercato Naples, hypothesis De Biasi ferryman: TuttoSport writes it

The president of Naples football Aurelio De Laurentiis look beyond already to plan the 2020-2021 season. Without neglecting the hypothesis that the current coach Carlo Ancelotti may still decide to resign, as Raffaele writes Auriemma on today's edition of Tuttosport.

Ancelotti's time is over, in the case of a farewell well a ferryman

"The coach's time in Naples, tomorrow in a month or at the end of the season, can now be considered over. De Laurentiis was very disappointed by the team's performance in his management, he expected much more and it is likely that in the future he will not will rely more on celebrated and expensive technicians.

He could make an exception for Spalletti, as long as his engagement is not heavy, as he could be taking today. The arrival of Spalletti in the race seems very complicated, in light of the forms adopted by the Naples on professional contracts, while in the role of ferryman Gianni De Biasi, one who has also accumulated international experiences, could be well seen "

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