Anagina, agents and cash invest in Generali. It starts at 25 million



The announcement was made by the president of Anagina, Davide Nicolao, addressing the associates during the 86th National Assembly in Venice

by Corrado Poggi

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Davide Nicolao, president of Anagina

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THE'Anagina (National Association of General Agents Ina Assitalia) breaks the delay and announces its intention to invest in shares of the Generali group, both through the purchases of the individual members, and through the funds of the social security fund which for this initiative has an initial firepower of 25 million euros. The announcement was given by the president of Anagina, Davide Nicolao, addressing the associates on the occasion of the 86th National Assembly of the association in progress in Venice at the splendid setting of the great school of San Rocco which houses the pictorial cycle of Tintoretto.

"The operation – said Nicolao – will concern both the individual agents in their investment choices, and theirs pension fund that with assets of 100 million euros, it could direct 20-25 million towards the purchase of Generali shares ». This investment, Nicolao pointed out, has a precise objective, that of strengthening the partnership between the company and its agents after the successful signing of the framework agreement on the single mandate and intends to confirm "our confidence in the strength of the Generali group as shown by the results of the quarterly ».

The decision to invest in the securities of the Lion of Trieste comes to the conclusion of a process already started a year ago in the National Assembly of Florence and which in recent months has passed the scrutiny of the competent organs within the organization.

Nicolao, which tomorrow will be confirmed president of the association that brings together 379 Assicurazioni Generali agents with over 2500 employees and a turnover of 4 billion of euros, then dwelt on the agreement recently reached on the single mandate: «It was a fundamental moment, sanctioned the recognition of a very particular business model, the result of an ever-changing and continuous change in Anagina. It is a certain point of arrival after a winding road ».

On the same theme he also expressed himself Marco Sesana, country manager and CEO of Generali Italy and Global Business Lines. "The single mandate is a modern contractual model that defines new standards in the insurance sector – Sesana said – and recalls two general principles of the company-agent relationship: the first is the agent's entrepreneurship and therefore its autonomy in the organization of its agency structure, in the scope of rules shared with the Company and the limits imposed by the regulatory framework. The second is the partnership of the company-agent relationship that is aimed at creating value for the customer ".

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