An action to be purchased only for its dividend


UnipolSAI is an action to be purchased only for its dividend. As can be seen from the figures below, the dividend yield, in fact, is around 5.5% and is expected to grow to around 6% in the coming years. Another very important aspect is shown in the figure which shows the dividend yield in the past years (continuous line) and forecasts for the years to come. We note a remarkable stability from 2013 onwards that, in order to build trading portfolio in the best possible way, it certainly represents a point of advantage to make money on the stock exchange by focusing on UnipolSAI.

The advantages, however, end here. The stock, in fact, appears to be overrated, with prospects for lower earnings growth, with a not very good financial situation. Of these aspects, however, we dealt with a previous article (Trading on UnipolSAI: it's time to focus on the title). Before proceeding we just want to point out that, if an investor wanted to speculate on the stock market with shares in the insurance sector, UnipolSAI would be a good candidate to apply this trading strategy. In fact, its volatility (1.33) is higher than both the reference sector (1.14) and the Italian market.

The UnipolSAI data sheet and previous articles are available here.

UnipolSAI's strengths

  • Historically, the company has released data that is above expectations.
  • The company's interesting profit multipliers are highlighted by a P / E ratio of 12.12 for the current year.
  • This company will be of great interest to investors looking for a high stock dividend.
  • In the last twelve months, sales forecasts have often been revised upwards.

UnipolSAI's weaknesses

The quarterly average target prices set by analysts do not offer a high potential compared to current prices.

Graphic analysis and forecasting

UnipolSAI (US) closed the session on November 7th up by 168% compared to the previous session at € 2.608.

The current trend is bullish and with the session of November 7 broke the strong resistance constituted by the 1st price target in the area € 2.5892. At this point the doors are open to a continuation of the upward price until the 2nd price target in the € 2.856 area. The maximum extension of the current increase is in the € 3,1229 area (3rd price target).

The bears could gain the upper hand with daily closures lower than € 2.5892.

The levels reported in this section must represent the key levels for those who want to trade on UnipolSAI.

Globally we can say that investing in UnipolSAI today could be a bargain given the bullish break we mentioned earlier. On the other hand, UnipolSAI is one of those well-established stocks that you have to ride until the current trend holds. In the long run, instead, an action to be purchased only for the return of its dividend.

UnipolSAI set up

UnipolSAI: ongoing bullish projection on the daily time frame. The blue line represents the levels of Running Bisector; the red line the levels of The New Law of Vibration.

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