Alvino furious: "I'm speechless! Disastrous performance. Fabian and Mertens embarrassing"


Carlo Alvino on TV Luna commented on the bad performance of the Azzurri against Genoa.

Napoli did not go beyond the 0-0 draw against Genoa, whistling at the San Paolo. Carlo Alvino on TV Luna commented on the performance of the Azzurri: "I am speechless, listless team. The players have not even limited themselves to homework. Fabian and Mertens have been embarrassing. No player has achieved sufficiency. Colorless performance to the limits of the indecent, the withdrawal that De Laurentiis had wanted was a must and Ancelotti was wrong not to share it with the president ".

Alvino added: "Naples does not exist, it is a team that has even played as it does in the training match on Thursday. Napoli seems to have melted like an ice cube in front of a flame. The team is not there from the physical point of view, it has always arrived "Second on the ball. The team played without soul and determination. The first minutes of play were just an illusion. So he risks not entering Europe. Very bad".

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