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The child was released yesterday from a camp for prisoners of ISIS, he just landed in Rome. We at Le Iene, who found him with Luigi Pelazza and brought his case to the spotlight of Italian and international media, finally celebrate good news and thank those who helped us bring this 11-year-old child back to his country

A smile finally full of joy marks the end of the terrible nightmare experienced by Alvin: the 11-year-old child is just returned to Italy and could hug again dad Afrim. Finally free and far from where he experienced an unspeakable drama. Alvin landed at 7.10 am at Rome Fiumicino airport. Now he returns with his father and two sisters (the first one you see with his father in the picture above, the second one in the first gallery below) in Barzago, in the province of Lecco, where he lived until 5 years ago.

Born in Italy to parents from Albania, Alvin Berisha had been taken away from Italy by the mother in 2014, when he was only 6 years old. His mother, who had become radicalized, had brought him in Syria to join ISIS. She was then killed during a bombing along with the other children had by a militant of the self-styled Islamic State. Only Alvin survived: still limping from the wounds of that explosion.

He was alone in the Al Hol camp in Syria, where thousands of ISIS militia wives live with their children in captivity. There we found him from Le Iene with his father Afrim as we told you with the service of Luigi Pelazza, Bringing his case into the spotlight of all Italian and international media. Today we can celebrate moved his liberation of yesterday.

First Alvin was taken to the Damascus Red Crescent headquarters in Syria (Click here for the video), then came to Beirut, where he was given an entry visa for Italy by entering our embassy. There we met him with Luigi Pelazza. This morning he arrived in Italy flying from Lebanon

The operation that brought her back to our country was carried out thanks to the collaboration of police forces and the Italian and Albanian government, Red Cross and Red Crescent. And a special thanks goes to the Foreign Ministry diplomats with whom we at Le Iene have been in close contact for weeks, with extremely capable, competent and professional people. Even the prime minister Giuseppe Conte immediately intervened on the case talking about "a news that fills the heart".

The mobilization for Alvin started on October 15th with the service of Le Iene by Luigi Pelazza. In 2016, in a first report, Iena told us about the struggle of her father Afrim to bring him back to Italy. We came back to him, he hadn't seen his son since 2014: "I can only look at these photos for 5 years".

We had to try to take matters into our own hands. We went with Afrim to the Isis prison camp at Al Hol in Syria, where Alvin was alone.

After a very long wait, dad and son finally met and gathered in a moving embrace. The child still looks a little confused but immediately recognizes his dad and his disappointment is great when he realizes he can't go home with him. No authority seemed to want to help us.

It wasn't like this thank you still the diplomats of the Farnesina, the police and the Italian and Albanian government, the Red Cross and the Red Crescent for having carried out this complex operation and allowed Alvin to return to Italy.

Now this child can embrace every time he wants his father and sisters. Free.

Here below are the photos of Alvin in Italy, those in Beirut with Luigi Pelazza and the first two of the liberation in Syria.

Below is the report by Luigi Pelazza of October 15th.

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