Alvin is at home, welcomed by his family to Barzago. "Welcome back sample"


At 5.30pm the arrival of little Alvin in Barzago together with his father and sisters

The family and many people of the town are waiting for him

BARZAGO – "Thank you Italian government, thank you Albanian government, thank you Hyenas, thanks Carabinieri del Ross, thank you all".

Father Afrim is touched and speechless, who finally, after 5 years, was able to accompany his little 'champion' back to the family home in Barzago. Around 5:30 pm on Friday, the car left from Rome with Alvin, his father and two sisters arrived in the court of their home, where they were family, friends, many people from the village, to welcome the child.

"Welcome back champion" it is the banner that from the early afternoon headed to the balcony of the Berisha family.

"Alvin is fine " he lets his father know as he embraces the many acquaintances who, passing by the street, noticing him, stopped to greet him and congratulate him.

At home a party was prepared for the child in that house where he lived until he was 6, before his mother Valbona kidnapped him to take him with him to Syria where the woman had joined Isis.

"We celebrate – continued Afrim – not only with the family but with the whole of Barzago", a sign of the closeness that the country has shown over the years to the parent and to the dramatic story that fortunately has its happy ending.

Afrim wanted to thank in particular the transmission of Le Iene that with its services has given a national resonance to their history and to the Ros of the Carabinieri.

VIDEO – Father Afrim thanks everyone

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