Allen Ko (Kymco) at Eicma 2019: "The RevoNEX arrives in 2021" – News


From scooters to motorcycles, the jump can be long; but it becomes even triple if you have a maxi with an electric motor.

evidently to Allen Ko, chairman of Kymco, likes challenging challenges.

Nice character, really, light years away from the somewhat gray and caricatured image that we Westerners have of Asian managers: on the contrary, Allen Ko exhibits an athletic physique, a smile that conquers and an European elegance.

And above all, it emanates a strong charisma, almost a visionary: only a character like this could impose a vision of mobility launched in the future, making his choice of electric propulsion (and of the company that has led for five years).

Thus, in an edition of Eicma in which the presence of electric motorcycles has become even exorbitant (but how many will really see the light?), from Kymco comes the confirmation that the SuperNEX prototype shown just a year ago (see here) it is growing and maturing.

Now it has changed its name: it's called RevoNEX.

Mr Ko, the transition to electric mobility in the two wheels it appears more complex than the cars: above all, there is to convince the public that with a zero-emission bike it is possible to still have fun …

"But that's right: an electric motorcycle can really be better than the models so far known even with regards to the performance and satisfaction of the driver. In our project we really aim to create an alternative that makes concrete what has been only a suggestion. Driving an electric motorcycle with gusto? That's right: the RevoNEX not by chance preserves classic solutions of a motorcycle, such as the six-speed gearbox or chain drive, and is also equipped with a special “voice” that recalls the sound of thermal vehicles, thus eliminating one of the criticisms often aimed at electric models, of being too silent “.

In the future of Kymco there will only be full electric models or are you studying different solutions, starting from the hybrid?

"Our choice is one and very clear: the heat engines can only be replaced by electric engines. We do not see the possibility, for the two wheels, of adopting hybrid solutions like those present today in the automotive field “.

With the RevoNEX dates a further boost to the change of image and substance of the Kymco brand, which from a small-displacement scooter manufacturer has now become a global player: what is your goal in this sense?

"We are in the midst of an important growth path, which sees us committed not only to offering a complete range of products, but also aims to identify ourselves for our original characteristics compared to other brands. We aim to become a "green" leader, but associating this term not only with the aspect of attention to the environment, but also because our vehicles offer beautiful sensations to those who drive them ".

A final consideration on the relationship with the Italian branch, with which there is a special relationship: do Kymco products conceal a little tricolor underneath?

"It is no mystery that there is a great deal of synergy with Italy, to the point that the inspiration and design of many models came thanks to the Italian branch. It is a valuable work of interchange and collaboration that confirms the global dimension of our brand ".

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