Allan, the storm seems past, his partner Thais returns to social media


It had become a case and she was also a protagonist. Thais Valentim, Allan's companion, had ended up in the eye of the storm with a long social post in which she told fans and fans about her and the whole family's fear of the attempted robbery in the Brazilian's home after the mutiny chaos of the Italian football players .READ ALSO Milan-Naples, Allan returns as a group: Milik and Ghoulam remain outside

Thais had written about the difficulties of those days, then disappeared from the social media after the many comments – positive and non – received in response. The blue wag has been revisited online in the past few hours Instagram has posted some of his photos dedicated to the belly, now approaching the arrival of the third child, photos commented by Allan and from other Neapolitan ladies. Has the storm gone? Milan-Napoli will be the first answer.


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