Allan, raid at his home in Pozzuoli! Thieves entered through a window. Fright for his wife. The reconstruction


The home of the Brazilian midfielder was turned upside down by some thugs. Fright for his wife Thais, 8 months pregnant.

Frightening misfortune for Allan. Yesterday afternoon there was a raid on his home Pozzuoli, by some delinquents, but without stealing anything. Although there were valuables like a bag worth 10 thousand euros. According to the website Inflating the Net at that moment there was only his wife at home Thais, 8 months pregnant. Fortunately, the woman did not come across the criminals, she just realized what happened because the window had been broken and the safe had been opened, but inside there was nothing but empty clock boxes. The room of Allan's two sons, who fortunately were around with the nanny, was also upset.

The Brazilian footballer heard the news at the end of the training he had done together with the rest of his companions. Shaken and upset, he returned home, where the forensic police had already arrived to carry out the findings of the case. The footballer does not feel like continuing and fears he has become the target of the supporters who consider him the revolt leader on Tuesday evening. We recall that after Naples-Salzburg, Allan had had a dialectical confrontation with the vice president Edoardo De Laurentiis, who had reminded him that he had to go to the retreat with the team and he had replied that the news of the withdrawal had never reached the group if not through the president's declarations to Radio Kiss Kiss.

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