Allan, message to Edo De Laurentiis after the dispute. Mertens plays down: "Shut up because I could …"


The daily newspaper Repubblica, in the space reserved for football, pays particular attention to what happened yesterday at the San Paolo.

Today's edition of the newspaper Republic it is an analogy of what happened yesterday. Open-door training for subscribers, held at the stadium St. Paul, has turned into a protest against supporters against the Italian team. The entry into the field of Napoli was accompanied by whistles and insults. In the crosshairs, especially Lorenzo Insigne («Take off the band» someone shouted to him), among the supporters of the protest along with Allan, who was also severely disputed at the exit of the stadium.

Hostile attitude also towards Callejòn, while Mertens it was the only one who attempted a "reconciliation": he looked up to the public and hinted at a greeting that was appreciated. At the time of leaving the camp, the Belgian also launched the training shirt and then brought his finger to his mouth as if to say "Shut up because I couldn't throw it …". It was just an attempt to play down the heavy situation, probably. He made one too Allan, who sent a soothing message to Edoardo De Laurentiis, after the dispute.

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