Alitalia, Lufthansa moves away (and failure approaches)



Lufthansa calls for Alitalia to be "restructured and rebuilt" in a new company before putting any money into it. Today, the Republic explains that net of a possible agreement between Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Conte, during the bilateral next Monday that could unblock the situation, Lufthansa's step backwards stalled the negotiations.

The number one Carsten Spohr reiterated that the group is interested "only in investing in a new restructured Alitalia", and therefore at the end of a forced "slimming" operation of the company, with at least 2,800 redundancies and a cut of 20 aircraft from the fleet. A restructuring from which the Germans want to stay at a safe distance, both to avoid getting bogged down in a heavy union brawl and to avoid a confrontation within the company. In fact, as a matter of fact, during the board of directors on Wednesday evening, the doubts of the majority of the directors, opposed to a direct intervention – from 150 million euros – in Alitalia would have emerged strongly.

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The numbers of Alitalia quoted by the Sole 24 Ore (3 November 2019)

That's why the shadow of bankruptcy and books in court, after a 30-month commissioner and a waste of public money (about a billion), are no longer a remote hypothesis:

Especially if the 400 million new loan that the government has prepared in the maneuver should not arrive: the availability is in fact linked to the positive outcome of the negotiation between the Fs and Atlantia, with Delta at the window and with Lufthansa that seems to slip away. The deadline set by the government and commissioners remains November 21st. If by that date nothing new emerged then for Alitalia the nightmare of a journey without fresh money and a serious recovery plan could come true. Someone remembers the "grounding", that is the grounding of all Swissair airplanes that took place in October 2001.

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