Alitalia, Delta confirms commitment with 100 million. Countdown to the Newco


"Delta continues to work with Ferrovie dello Stato and Atlantia and confirms that it is ready to invest up to 100 million euros for a 10% stake in Alitalia". A spokesman for the American company informs the agency Ansa, adding that "Delta remains committed to maintaining its partnership with Alitalia in the future".Thus begins the countdown for the presentation of thebinding offer to be presented by November 21st. The proposal will have to declare the birth of the Newco Alitalia and mark the path to closing that FS Italiane, at the head of the consortium which includes Atlantia and Treasury with the addition of the industrial partner that should be Delta at this point, it intends to complete in March 2020.

The choice of Delta Air Lines now seems to have started because beyond the 10% stake (Fs and Atlantia are ready to underwrite 37.5% each, with the MEF at 15%), it offers the necessary guarantees for a online partnership with Alitalia's relaunching plans and seems more inclined to one opening logic in relation to operated routes with North America, without going to affect the interests shared especially with Air France-KLM, of which he is a partner. In the background, however, the possibility of a Lufthansa German offer is still open.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 12 November, the three commissioners of Alitalia, Daniele Discepolo, Enrico Laghi and Stefano Paleari, they should receive confirmations on the formulation of the consortium and in turn report to the Minister Patuanelli. To give substance to the structure of the equity for the creation of the Newco also the guarantees that would be maturing with the Government for an innovative solution on the front of motorway concessions, based on a revision of the agreements, such as to allow Atlantia to support the investment in Alitalia. Last updated: 15:57


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